Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Over-Dyeing - The Logwood Makeover

More skeins that are rather bright, and in some cases a little mottled from bleeding during rinsing from JB. These were re-mordanted with alum and then rinsed well.
When I brought them home there was indeed no washout of color when wetting them down for the dyepot. The dyepot is leftover logwood from the last dye day. This pot (started from 4 oz log wood) has already dyed almost 2 lbs of fiber. Since there was clearly life left in the pot, I added these skeins (about 1 lb total), plus a small one of my own to see what I would get with a white skein. Pre-wetted warmed skeins went into the pre-warmed dye bath and simmered low and slow for about 30 minutes and then cooled in the pot for about 3 hours. The results below are stunning. The rather bright colors are nicely muted and the mottled skeins are showing only slight variegation. My white skein came out a medium purple.

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