Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scarf Irony

I am awash in yarn. One might even call me "yarn-rich" - how's that for a cool new word. What it means is that I am well stocked with yarns for every conceivable purpose, fiber and source - from handspun luxury to mill spun from the fibers of my own critters to a few stray skeins of bulky synthetic for knitting charity hats and scarves. So why would I ever go out and buy yarn? The answer is simple - because I wanted it and this is certainly not a yarn I can imagine producing via hand spinning. The yarn is called Flick-Flak and it came from Twisted Knitter in Mebane, NC. It is one of those new (at least to me) novelty yarns, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. So far I've knit two scarves - one I call the summer scarf (pictured left)
and the other one I call the autumn scarf (pictured right)
. These were Christmas gifts for my mom and SIL. I'm hoping to start a new one in a different yarn called Tricor that will be for me.